1. Make it blue! Make it pink!

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  2. Pocahontas: beginning & end

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  4. Adam Scott’s Scholarly Analysis Of “Ice Ice Baby” (x)

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  5. joceydraws:

    So happy to finally show you all what I’ve been working for the past 8 weeks! Here’s my re-imagining of the classic story, Peter Pan!

    This is a project I did for my Color and Story class at Art Center with Richard Keyes. The class was assigned to create 4 characters and key scenes based on the story of Peter Pan. If you’ve followed me before my Art Center days, then you’ll know that Peter Pan was something I did for my entrance portfolio for college. It was fun to come back to my old project and revamp it!

    In all honesty, I’m still planning on reworking several pieces for this project and add more characters and key scenes. BUT I thought I’d share regardless that way we can all see the progression of this particular project! 

    Characters  :

    - Hook
    - Wendy
    - Peter
    - Tinkerbell
    - Tigerlily (not added)
    - The Lost Boys (not added)

    Key Scenes :

    - Wendy gives Peter a “thimble”
    - Peter realizes Wendy is alive, Tinkerbell looks upon them with guilt
    - Wendy decides she wants to return home
    - Peter returns Wendy home and gives her a “kiss”

    Enjoy! :)



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  7. claireonacloud:

    My first book, ONCE UPON A CLOUD with Dial Press at Penguin is finally finished! Its up for preorder -here- and will be in stores in Spring 2015. These are some of the pages of characters little Celeste meets in the story. 

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